The Castelldefels Local Technology Transfer Office is an initiative of the Castelldefels Town Council and the Technology Mediterranean Park.

It provides services to help transfer and commercialize the knowledge, innovation and technology of the different agents of innovation to the business sector, especially the SMEs.


To promote technology transfer activities between the business sector (mainly SMEs) and the different innovation agents that are part of our innovative ecosystem with the aim of strengthening the business fabric of our territory.


  • Positioning the Castelldefels Town Hall as an innovation and technology facilitator.
  • To bring innovation and knowledge closer to the productive fabric of the city and the companies that use the Local Office of Technology Transfer of Castelldefels.
  • Positioning Castelldefels as a reference in the agro-food field, Drones, Sport, Social Health and Tourism.
  • Incorporate qualified talent to the companies of the municipality and territory mainly.
  • Raise opportunities for matching between companies and researchers, research groups, universities and other innovation agents.
  • Driving and managing demands and offers of innovation and / or technological developments of the different agents of innovation.
  • Provide different agents to innovation agents in order to improve the competitiveness of the productive fabric and territory.

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